Soft Skills

Soft Skill are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. In order to succeed in professional life, it’s not just the intellect that counts, how you deal with people also matters. In this bundle of courses, we have for you a bouquet of courses that can help to enhance your personality, enable you to gel well with global clients and do much more in your life. We welcome you to experience these courses and make positive changes in your life.

In this category of courses we have various courses. 


Some are of the courses that we have are:

Managerial Communication & Writing :Level One

This course has following content:

1. Introduction to Effective Communication    
2.Communication Barriers    
3.Effective Listening Process    
4.Effective Writing Skills    

5.Logical Flow of Message - Email Tips


We have a Level two program as well on Managerial Communication & Writing that further builds on the Skills developed.

Further strenthening the Skills, we have a level 3 program, which has following modules:

1.Leaders of Communication    
2.Leaders of Communication cont.    
3.Theories in Leadership Communication    
4.Theories in Leadership Communication Contd.    
5.Be a Super Hero    
6.Be a Super Hero Contd..    
7.Concluding Remarks

The level 3 program is primarily aimed at young leaders.


Some of the other softskill courses available with us are:

Global Culture

Having Presence

Interview Skills

English Proficiency

Mindfullness at Work

and many more...


In order to access the courses, please log-in & go to library, pick a course of your choice from the categories there.

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