Recommended for Ethics Committees

Ethics committee is an integral part of research projects and clinical trials. While preparing the protocol for these projects one needs to keep in mind the ethical aspect of the patients who would be participating in the research. This course will introduce you to the details of the ethics committee, its role and responsibilities during various phases of research.


Ethics committee knowledge is not only useful at research level but also at student level. Many students pursuing careers in healthcare field will need to work on projects involving humans. They will be required to present their project plan to the institutional ethics committee for obtaining the permission to conduct ethical research on humans. Hence, having knowledge regarding the requirements and standards of the ethics committee will help them prepare the projects.



The purpose of this course is to provide a training resource that will assist you in knowing the composition, responsibility, procedures and documents required by the ethics committee. This is a one stop for your search on exhaustive knowledge of ethics committee.

Course Details   Duration (hours)
1.GCP Play 1 hrs
2.Ethics Comittee Play 1 hr
3.Essential Documents Play 1 hr
4.Presentation Skills Play 0.5 hrs
Total 3.5 hrs

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