Project Selection Techniques

Capital project is an investment and needs to be done very wisely; because once it’s executed, it’s too costly to revert back on the decision.

A wrong decision implies that you have blocked money on something which is not paying you back .

And, there could be various competing opportunities for investment in capital.

How do you choose, in which project to invest ?

What are the techniques available to managers?

You will find answers to these questions in this course.

Course Details   Duration (hours)
1.Introduction to Capital Budgeting Glance Play 0.15 hours
2.Basic Principles of Capital Budgeting Play 0.15 hours
3.Investment Decision Criteria Play 1.00 hour
4.NPV Profile and Ranking conflicts between NPV and IRR Play 0.15 hours
5.Multiple IRR Problem and the NO IRR Problem Play 0.15 hours
Total 1.6 hrs

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