This course explains the basics of the principles of drug safety, what exactly term “Pharmacovigilance” (PVG) is and how to handle clinical safety information of patients in clinical research scenario. If you are involved in any aspect of pharmacovigilance, our course will help you comply with the regulatory laws. The course provides insight into the responsibility of various people involved in clinical trials in view of pharmacovigilance. It also gives information on process flow for managing Serious Adverse Events and expedited safety reports. The module is perfect for you if you are involved in drug safety, pharmacovigilance, regulatory and quality compliance. The training covers all of the relevant regulations that concern all aspects of drug safety. The aim of this course is to provide the knowledge necessary to people that would like to or are working in that area. There has been an empty slot in the industry to have the structured curriculum in place about these profiles. We aim to fill that vacuum by providing all the knowledge required while accomplishing your job efficiently and effectively.


This course is specifically designed for professionals aspiring to get introduced to Pharmacovigilance concept and for those aspiring to get an overview of Pharmacovigilance basics.

Apprentiice recommends to opt for an instructer lead (clinical reaserch industry expert professional) 6 months Diploma course for students aspiring to build a career in Clinical Research Data management and Pharmacovigilance under our Classroom/Webinar section:


Course Details   Duration (hours)
1.Pharmacovigilance Glance Play 1 hr
Total 1 hrs

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