Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing(MSR)

If you are target-driven, enjoy sales and want to use your knowledge in a medical field, a career as a medical sales representative could suit you

Medical sales representatives (widely referred to as 'reps') are a key link between medical and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals.

As a rep, you'll sell your company's products, which include medicines, prescription drugs and medical equipment, to a variety of customers including general practitioners (GPs), hospital doctors, pharmacists and nurses. You will work strategically to increase the awareness and use of your company's pharmaceutical and medical products.

It's likely that you'll be based in a specific geographical location and specialise in a particular product or medical area. You may have to make presentations and organise group events for healthcare professionals, as well as working with contacts on a one-to-one basis.

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Please note that we have are certified trainer from LSSDC (Life Sciences Sector Skill Council)

Course Details   Duration (hours)
1.MSR Orientation Play 1 hour
2.Hospital & Innovator Play 1 hour
3.REgulatory Authority Play 1 hour
4.Regulatory Guidelines Play 1 hour
5.MSR Role Play 1 hour
6.Key people in MR work life Play 1 hour
7.Organisational Chart in Pharma Play 1 hour
8.Employee Benefits Play 1 hour
9.MSR Responsibilities Play 1 hour
10.Customer Management Play 1 hour
11.Distributor Management Play 1 hour
12.CFA Coordination & Business Ethics Play 1 hour
13.Performance Management Play 0.75 hours
14.Pharmaceutical Product Distribution Play 1 hour
15.Key Stakeholders in Pharma Products Play 1 hour
16.Supply Chain Play 1 hour
17.Breakage & Expiry Settlement Play 0.75 hours
18.Manufacturing Plant Play 0.75 hours
19.Carrying & Forwarding Agent Play 1 hour
20.Hospital Store Management Play 1 hour
21.Liasoning Agents Play 0.75 hours
22.Benefits towards efficiency of product Play 1 hour
23.Gathering Information - Market Intellingence sources Play 0.75 hours
24.Gathering Information - Gauging Immediate Sorroundings Play 1 hour
25.Gathering Information - Retail Call Audit Play 1 hour
26.Gathering Information - Ward Survey Play 1 hour
27.Gathering Information - Ward Survey Line of Treatment Play 0.75 hours
28.Gathering Information - Ward Survey Toxicity Play 1 hour
29.Gathering Information - Ward Survey Affordibility Play 0.75 hours
30.Market Intelligence - Documenting Information Play 0.75 hours
31.Promotion of Product Sale Play 1.5 hours
32.Fundamentals of Pharma Sales Play 2 hours
33.Sales Formats and IT skills Play 1 hour
34.Sales Call Reporting Play 0.75 hours
35.Sales Compilation Play 0.75 hours
36.Sales Analysis Play 1 hour
37.Brand Sales Trend Play 1 hour
38.Organising Scientific Events Play 1 hour
39.Scientific Events - Target Audience Play 1 hour
40.Scientific Events - Classification of Events Play 0.75 hours
41.Scientific Events - Public events Play 0.75 hours
42.Scientific Events - Medical Conferences Play 1 hour
43.Scientific Events - Doctors association Play 1 hour
44.MSR Role in organising Medical Conferences in India Play 1.5 hours
45.MSR Role in International Medical Conferences Play 0.75 hours
46.CME Metrics and Budget Play 1 hour
47.Interaction iwth Other Divisions Play 0.75 hours
48.Summary Play 0.25 hours
Total 45.75 hrs

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