Patient Advocacy

The patient advocacy, though known in pharma world for many long years, the concept is emerging and gaining high attention due to increasing interactions of company employees with patients, patient advocate and groups or vice versa for a variety of purposes. There have been many questions regarding these interactions and this course will provide pharmaceuticals the insights, understanding and best ways of working with patients, patient advocate and groups to ensure company meets compliance and regulatory standards in these interactions.

This course is insighful for professional working in Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Advocacy Groups. The course will help them understand the basics , guiding principles for Pharma Professional for Interactions with Patients and PAGs and  funding in the Adocacy process.

Course Details   Duration (hours)
1.Patient Advocacy Module 1 Glance Play 2 hrs
2.Patient Advocacy Module 2 Play 1 hr
3.Patient Advocacy Module 3 Play 0.5 hr
Total 3.5 hrs

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