Managerial Communication & Writing :Level 3; Inspired by Harvard Business Review

As people progresses in their career, they eventually begin to influence co-workers through their work and working style.  When your colleagues begin to be inspired from you, it marks the beginning of Leadership through you.  All influential Leaders hold effective Communication as a primary skill.  This course nurtures the essentials of Leadership skill in those who aspire to be successful Leaders through communication. 

Course Details   Duration (hours)
1.Leaders of Communication Glance Play 0.5 hour
2.Leaders of Communication cont. Play 0.5 hour
3.Theories in Leadership Communication Play 0.5 hour
4.Theories in Leadership Communication Contd. Play 0.5 hour
5.Be a Super Hero Play 0.5 hour
6.Be a Super Hero Contd.. Play 0.5 hour
7.Concluding Remarks Glance Play 0.5 hour
Total 3.5 hrs

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