Managerial Communication & Writing :Level 2 ; Inspired by Harvard Business Review

While most of the Managers can talk, what signifies a good manager, from the rest, is the one who can talk to their people.  Talking with your people means, being able to relate with them.  Your team and stakeholders, hold most of their communication, without even uttering a word, and they expect you, to pay attention to it, while understanding their needs.  This course helps you, to uncover, what is not being said, and hence, be a good communicator, while being a good Manager.  Tools introduced in this course, creates a guiding path, to excel on path of better communication.  

Course Details   Duration (hours)
1.Managerial Communication - Module 1 Play 1 hr
2.Managerial Communication - Module 2 Play 1 hr
3.Managerial Communication - Module 3 Play 1 hr
4.Managerial Communication - Module 4 Play 1 hr
5.Managerial Communication - Module 5 Play 1 hr
6.Managerial Communication - Module 6 Play 1 hr
7.Managerial Communication - Module 7 Play 1 hr
8.Managerial Communication - Module 8 Play 1 hr
Total 8 hrs

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