Managerial Communication & Writing :Level 1; Inspired by Harvard Business Review

As human beings, we strive with a need to communicate regularly. Its an illusion, that communication is primarily : talking.

Those who can communicate well are able to express their thoughts purposefully.  This gives them an edge over others who are not able to convey their thoughts successfully. 

In this course, we shall be covering elementary aspects, of how to make your communication successful in order to be victorious in your work place. The course is most suited for new hires and professionals under 3 years of experience.

This is authored by Ms.Jaya.S Maharishi, M.B.A (HR) , an  experienced Learning and Development professional with over a decade of experience. From her base at AbuDhabi (UAE), she has been a great trainer and knowledge base for Soft Skills.

We recommend to go through the course slowly as per the time assigned for better understanding.

Course Details   Duration (hours)
1.Introduction to Effective Communication Glance Play 1 hr
2.Communication Barriers Play 1 hr
3.Effective Listening Process Play 1 hr
4.Effective Writing Skills Play 1 hr
5.Logical Flow of Message - Email Tips Play 1 hr
Total 5 hrs

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