Having Presence

We all strive to increase our presence at work, home and at social places like a party, wedding or get together to get noticed, stand out in a group and get recognized. Learning how to increase or decrease your presence depending on the situation and circumstances is the primary objective of this module. While it is not difficult to make one’s presence felt, it is important to understand the nuances of it. Having presence is one part of it and having presence in the right manner is another. In this module, you will learn how to use words and body language that creates a positive impression and puts you ahead in the league. This course covers topics like what is high presence, low presence, taking control of your presence and few important tips on improving presence. In simple words, presence is the art of getting people interested in you. It is all about how you project yourself and leave an impact on their minds about you. Presence appears in all segments of society and can be felt at all levels of an organization. Wherever you are and wherever you want to go, presence can help you get there. Get ready to learn how to be the best foot forward in every walk of life.

Course Details   Duration (hours)
1.Having Presence Glance Play 1 hrs
Total 1 hrs

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