Global Culture - Popular Countries - Asia Pacific, Europe & Americas

Globalization is the process of international integration. A culture", is the set of customs, traditions and values of a society or community, such as an ethnic group or nation. The thought processes of a tribe, a clan, a country or a nation-state are essential in order to understand culture. This module explains the concept of Global Culture. We all have basic knowledge of our cultures. One may feel Why is it important to learn and understand cultures of other countries? Primary objective of this module is to showcase the importance of Understanding Cultures of different countries. This course will help you to understand the term Globalization. Global culture is a broad topic and with the help of this course you will easily understand the term Global Culture. Different country cultures their values , traditions will be showed in this presentation. It will make you understand how knowing about various cultures can be beneficial. Understanding Gift giving etiquettes, business relations, customs, traditions and manner of negotiations of various countries are key aspects of this module. Objective of this presentation is to provide information about Major Countries of the World.

Course Details   Duration (hours)
1.Global Culture - Global Play 3 hrs
Total 3 hrs

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