Book Worm Vs Allrounder

Bookworm VS Allrounder is a unique concept and this module will help you to Discover and relate your Personality. At the end of this module you will be able to take Action For yourself. This course mainly focuses on advantages of being an All-rounder. Here you will learn how to identify your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. A Bookworm is an avid reader. They are socially inactive. Bookworms don’t focus on Overall Personality Development. This course will differentiate between a Bookworm and An All-rounder. An All-rounder has all essential skills and is very active socially. All-rounder’s try to make the best out of everything they do. They are excellent learners with self confidence and higher self esteem. Bookworms rely on book knowledge. This course will help you to understand where you stand. Reasoning is provided with examples as to why is being an All-rounder is important. This topic focuses on overall self-development.

Course Details   Duration (hours)
1. Book worm Vs Allrounder Play 1 hrs
Total 1 hrs

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