Basic Course Microsoft Word

This course will teach you how to use the most widely used application called Microsoft Word. This module covers key topics related to MS Word. Word Processing is the most common and easier application to work on any computer.MS Word is a word processing product by Microsoft Company. This course will provide step by step guidance on how to use MS Word. You can easily create documents or blog post using MS Word. A table or chart can easily be made in MS Word. You can type any writing material and save it as a document in MS Word. You can also make changes in the document like changing font styles, font color...etc. This course provides basic training on how to use MS Word. It is most important to have knowledge of MS Word. It is very easy to use. This course will cover all crucial points and you will be able to use MS Word easily.

Course Details   Duration (hours)
1.Basic Course Microsoft Word Play 0.5 hrs
Total 0.5 hrs

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